thumb Alien Patrol

To all the unsung heroes who ensure that our planet stays, well, ours."

Alien Patrol is a fast-paced comedy shooting game that puts the player in the shoes of a grumpy rural gentleman who spends most of his time neutralizing aliens from outer space!

*** SURVIVE 30 days of the alien invasion ***

8 enemy types, each type brings its own set of challenges

3 rechargeable special attacks (or "emergentcy tools" as he likes to call them)

thumb Dragons

Dragons - destroy the enemy portals to stop them from warping in

thumb Knights Crusade

Battle from Castle to Castle on Knight Crusades! Start as leader commanding Commoners and work your way up to commanding Archers, Wizards, Healers, Knights, Horsemen and Catapults until you have gained control of the Kingdom!

thumb Gatsby's Golf

Gatsby's Golf is a minigolf game set in the 1920s. The controls could not be more intuitive - simply swipe the screen to aim, then hold and release the button to fire the ball. And that's it, the game's real-world physics will take care of the rest!

thumb 480 BC

480 BC is a game where you control spartans as you battle an endless waves of immortal persians.

thumb Monsters

Stop the monsters from taking over the world in this over the top turret defense!